4 reasons why you need to be using Duolingo


When I came across Duolingo for the first time, it was a no-brainer. I immediately decided to join and checked out the platform myself. And I haven’t regretted it. But you may still be struggling to make up your mind whether joining this platform will really be useful or not. I understand the fact that just because Duolingo is free doesn’t mean it’s worth your time. So, here in this post we want to provide you with some solid reasons why joining is a good idea. Here are 4 reasons why you need to be using Duolingo:

First reason: They have proven to be effective with 300 million users worldwide.

The first remarkable thing about this platform is how many users’ worldwide have already joined it and are actively learning a language with the platform.

Up to the moment of writing this post, 300 million users have signed up worldwide. This is astonishing. With such popularity, Duolingo surely must be doing something right.

A study in 2012, aiming to discover how effective Duolingo was, compared how much progress was achieved by users relying solely on Duolingo with how much progress was achieved by college students relying solely on their college courses. This study suggested that it takes only 34 hours of Duolingo lessons to learn the equivalent of one college semester.


Second reason: You’ll not only learn; you’ll have fun while you do.

I’m one of those 300 million users and I can tell you from my own experience that Duolingo is capable of capturing your attention from the very first day. It’ll keep you excitedly coming back, over and over again, to learn the language you choose.

When we remember our high school’s foreign language classes, the first thing that may come to mind are those boring long hours. Duolingo on the contrary makes learning a language interesting. Its gamified style helps us relax and enjoy our time while we are progressing.

Duolingo was ranked in position No. 44 on Fast Company’s “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies” list in 2018 “for making new languages irresistible”.


Third reason: It effectively encourages us to practice daily.

They have a streak system in place that motivates us to daily log into the platform and archive the goals set for each day.

The most efficient way to learn a language is practicing a little every day. Some may believe that studying their target language when they manage to set apart half a day for this purpose is the best way to improve. And this induces them to think that cramming 5 hours of study once a month may be helpful. But experience has shown that 10 minutes a day render much better results.

Duolingo is good at keeping us coming back daily, and ultimately make us grasp the basics of any language. That in itself is a huge accomplishment on the part of Duolingo.

I have said Duolingo will “help us grasp the basics of any language”. Please read until the end of this post to get a clear and honest picture of what I mean.


Fourth reason: It is well designed to maximize the use of our time.

Duolingo’s sleek interface helps us feel nice while we’re on the platform. But it’s not only a matter of looks, the careful attention they have placed on their user’s experience also helps us learn faster. They have nice cartoon pictures that help us remember new vocabulary. They also have red and green colors telling us if we answered correctly or not. And the whole way the course is presented makes our experience enjoyable.

Forget about the platform crashing or having to deal with annoying bugs. The journey learning the basics of the language you pick will be very smooth.


Would I recommend Duolingo?

I didn’t know all these things when I first joined the platform. But now that I have spent several years using it, I can’t stop from being surprised all these features are offered inside Duolingo for any language they support, completely free.

Would I join Duolingo again? Yes, I definitely would. And I feel you should too.

Duolingo’s reach:

Nonetheless, I also have to make clear Duolingo’s reach. You won’t become a fluent speaker just with Duolingo. As I said while I mentioned the third reason, Duolingo will only help you grasp the basics.

Luis von Ahn, founder and CEO of Duolingo, promises only to get users to a level between advanced beginner and early intermediate.

In my book, one of the critical stages learning a language is the initial stage. Once you have managed to stick with a language during this phase, you’ll be connected to it the rest of your life. So this is one of Duolingo’s greatest accomplishments: providing users worldwide a platform to learn the basics of a language in a way that they will also enjoy and completely free.

Can I rely only on Duolingo for learning a language?

No, you can’t. Duolingo is not a stand-alone language course. There are other good courses out there that fill in these gaps. But you should definitely include Duolingo in your toolbox.

Do you want to test drive Duolingo yourself?

In a globalized world, this is a tool you can’t afford to let go by. Click here to start using Duolingo.


6 thoughts on “4 reasons why you need to be using Duolingo”

  1. I had heard about Duolingo before. Who hasn’t? But I hadn’t stopped to consider joining them. But now that I have become acquainted with their pros, I’ll give them a try. I am particularly interested in French and Spanish. But I think I’ll start with Spanish. Your post convinced me that I should definitely try Duolingo. Thanks.

    1. ¡Hola! ¡Éxitos aprendiendo Español! I’m glad this post helped you to make up your mind to try Duolingo. All the best learning Spanish. And after Spanish, French!

  2. I found this article very useful. I have learnt a lot from your post. I’m excited I discovered Duolingo. And one of the reasons that has resounded with me is how many users it has World wide. I agree they must be doing something right. And if it’s free to check out, it’s a no-brainer for me either. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Duolingo is definitely worth checking out. You’ll be grateful you discovered them. All the best with the language you choose.

  3. Duolingo seems like a great program to learn any language you want to as it makes it very easy and effective to do so. Do you like Duolingo over other programs and why do you like it over other programs in the genre? Why do you think that Duolingo sets itself apart from other programs? When did you discover Duolingo?

    1. Hey Jon. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. Duolingo is a great option to start learning a language, high quality for that initial stage and because it’s free it makes it a no-brainer.

      2. I think it’s the whole approach, like the gamified style, the streaks, the idea of progressing and sharing with friends. There are a bunch of things and each one of us finds different reasons we like the platform. I just mentioned in this post the most obvious and the ones everybody (once they’ve used the platform) would state.

      3. After a very awkward situation in a cool trip to Belgium, knew zero French, my English was taking me no where and we were completely lost (we were a group actually and I felt responsible for them)! So once I arrived back home, a month later, I said enough, I’m learning French. And found Duolingo!

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