About Me

Hi! My name is Jonathan Henry. I have been learning languages for a while now. I have never, ever attended formal classes. Besides English, I also speak Italian and Spanish. And right now, I’m learning German and French.

I know that three languages is no big deal these days, but I’m very Learning Languageshappy with the way I have learned them. And it has left the door open to learning more. Internet is full of resources to learn a language. And I tried this and that, based on my interests. But I didn’t have a guideline, and didn’t know if somebody else had ever learned any languages that way. So I was pretty much in the dark. So, when I started to be exposed to native speakers, I was surprised at my achievement and so were they. How come you learned without studying? That’s what everybody asks. But that’s only true in a way: I never attended formal classes. But I was committed to using the internet resources to learn.

So, now that I know that this really works. I would like to share it with you. It’s quite a natural process. All you need is to be committed and to have access to internet.

Feel free to ask any question or leave any comment writing them on any of the posts on this site. I wish you all the best with your language learning and thank you for dropping by!

Jonathan Henry.