There are a lot of free tools we can use when learning a language. You may probably think that if it’s free it’s of poor quality. And although that may be true, I’m here to tell you that there are a bunch of resources that are excellent and are totally free. All you have to do is look hard enough. But we have already done some research and we can happily give you some of these good resources.

Tablet and booksFor a person that speaks English, there are a lot of advantages when learning a new language. And this comes in terms of the available courses. There are much more programs for English speaking people to learn any other language than for example Portuguese speaking people to learn another language.

So, feel lucky. English will open a lot of doors. But, this doesn’t mean that just knowing English will make it easier to learn a foreign language. It basically depends on you. How much effort you put into it. There are naturally, other factors to consider also, like the target language, and how far it is from English. For an English speaking person, it will be much easier to learn German than Spanish. But for a Portuguese speaking person, it will be easier to learn Spanish than German.

Tablet and laptopLet’s clear this up. Although you have a lot more resources, because of your English speaking background, that doesn’t mean you can just comfortably be exposed to your target language an hour a week and expect awesome results because “an English speaking person has a lot of advantages.” No, nooo! That’s completely wrong. With all the resources you have available you have to commit to using those resources. The variety will certainly help in finding things that will attract more interest on your part. But still, that learning process must be covered. You must expose yourself to the language over enough time.

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But, you can still feel happy about it all: it’s much easier to spend time with something that you like, and that you enjoy than with something that will simply put you to sleep immediately!

Free Italian courses

Here are some free Italian courses and resources for English speakers learning Italian that we recommend:

Duolingo: it’s an excellent course you can download on your iPhone, Android or use the web version. It’s for beginners and will take you to an intermediate level. To learn more about Duolingo, click here.

Inovative Languages’ Italian podcasts: this is a very good podcast based course with a very flexible program. I find that listening to the language we want to learn is a very powerful way to becoming proficient in the language. To learn more about Inovative Languages’ Italian podcasts, click here.

TinyCards: has also been created by Duolingo and must be viewed as a compliment. This app (iPhone and Android) and website will help you to learn vocabulary with flashcards. To read a bit more about them, click here.

La Mappa Misteriosa: It’s a very interesting BBC free course. It’s for a beginners-intermediate level. But even if you already know Italian, we still recommend it. You will enjoy your time, plunging into the very heart of Italy. To learn more about La Mappa Misteriosa, click here.

Here are also some additional resources that may aid you learning Italian:

Duolingo Dictionary: It’s always handy to have an Italian Dictionay. Take a look at this free interactive Dicitonary powered by Duolingo by clicking here.

Flitto: This is an app where you can translate tweets of famous accounts into Italian. Or view the translations done by others. If you’re a bit more advance in your Italian you could even earn some money (thought PayPal) translating a paragraph or two. To get more details about this app and website, click here.

If you want to continue searching for more Italian language courses, please click here.