I want to learn Italian – Four types of people


Maybe you have expressed this wish before: “I want to learn Italian”. I don’t know with what intensity these words have been uttered. But once you have pronounced those words with your mouth or in your head, presto, here we are! 🙂



When I started to get acquainted with all the resources that are available on the Internet to learn languages, I thought: “Surely in a few years, all of us will be polyglots!”. But thinking this more carefully, I came to the conclusion that not necessarily a person that has the resources to learn a language, will learn it!

So I have made a list of four different types of people. This list considers their attitude when it comes to learning a second language. In which of these four groups of people would you be when you expressed “I want to learn Italian”? Here is the list:

1.) The Joker: “I want to learn Italian… just kidding”. Not everybody wants to learn a second language, and that is reasonable. A lot of people feel comfortable just speaking their first language and they find no use in speaking a second one. I understand this point of view but I think it’s not the correct thing to do to set your back on the opportunity of learning a new language. A second language opens doors for you, and besides, it also is an excellent exercise for your brain.


2.) The Dreamer: Some people have always wanted to learn a second language, or even become polyglots, but it only is a kind of dream. They’re not willing to put in the effort to achieve this goal. Learning a second language requires time and discipline. Learning a second language is not like downloading an app to your smartphone. It’s not a one step task. A person that only dreams of learning another language but does not take action will never get there.


3.) The Go for it! Some people want to learn a second language and are willing to put in it all it takes to achieve their goal. But they do not know where to start! They can’t afford a private tutor and have limited resources to buy programs online. If that is YOU, congrats! You’ve come to the right place. Our site, learn-italian-language.com is built with all of you in this third group in mind! Here you will find a lot of free resources to start learning Italian. And we only recommend paid programs for advanced stages in your learning process.


4.) The very busy: we still have a group of people in mind that don’t pertain to the former groups. Those who want to learn a second language, are willing to put the work in, have limited resources and DO NOT HAVE TIME! If this is your case, we still have activities for you that you can incorporate into your daily routine. These activities will advance you in your learning of Italian. To read more about what you can do if you can’t set aside time to learn Italian during the week, click here.


So you and I can conclude that even thou there is abundance of resources, not everybody is willing to put in the work to learn a second language. To which group of people do you belong? Just remember that if you want to learn Italian, you will have no excuses from here on! If you’re willing to take action, click here!


6 thoughts on “I want to learn Italian – Four types of people”

  1. I have been learning Spanish for a couple of years, and have advanced quite a bit! But now I also want to learn Italian.
    I consider that I am in category number 3, but on occasions, I find myself in category number 4 because I am just too busy. You have some great ways to still learn for busy people like myself. Thanks for the post.

    1. Hello, Ms. Kay. If you have already been learning Spanish, then learning Italian will be much easier for you. It’s great to know that you want to learn Italian. Even thou you are sometimes very busy; don’t let that stop you from achieving this goal. If you ever need help, we are here to lend you a hand. Best wishes! 🙂

  2. Italian is one of the most melodious languages to the ear.
    And learning by singing is one of my favorites.
    Your approach is wonderful!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m grateful for your support. Stay tuned, a lot of awesome things are coming to this site. All the best!

        1. Hi, Victor! Which Italian course were you taking?

          You could take a look at Duolingo. It’s a free online course and it’s very good. To read a bit more about it, click here.

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