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If you are in an intermediate level in your Italian language learning process, then you can benefit from reading Italian newspapers online. At the end of this post, we give you a list of Italian newspapers. You can advance in your Italian reading skills while you are getting informed about what is happening in Italy and in the world.

To benefit from reading the news in Italian, we highly recommend you to have a background of the news you are reading. If you are familiarized with what you read in a foreign language then you will comprehend much more. You could start reading the news in English, and after you have been updated with what is happening around the globe, you then go on to read them in Italian.

Learn Italian while you read the news

Reading Italian news will also give you a man-reading-newspaperbackground of the Italian culture. By frequently doing this you will be acquainted with the general context in the minds of the Italian people. It will be easier for you to start a conversation in an Italian circle. It will be easier to understand an Italian statement.

If you have an emotional bound with Italy, or with a specific region in Italy, you will be largely enriched and gratified by reading the daily news of that region.

You can also listen to the news in Italian. In occasions you do not have the time to sit down to read, but you can listen. If you want to discover some good Italian radio stations online, click here.

Daily language

Languages are continually in evolution. Terms rise and fall in disuse. The newspapers are usually up to date with the language they use. So you can be sure that the terms you learn will be understood by the people walking down the street. Up to date language is not common colloquialism. Common colloquialism will be more difficult to grab in a newspaper, but up to a certain point, it is better to have a relatively formal speech when you are learning a language.

Reading is the previous step to writing. If you commit to reading in Italian daily, you will surely master writing later on.

To start reading Italian newspapers, check these

In this list, we indicate the region from were the newspaper is, and also give you the name of the newspaper.

If you have any questions, or have a comment, feel free to leave it in the book bellow.

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  1. What a great idea to help learn the Italian language at the same time as learning about their culture and current affairs too. I know someone who is trying to learn Spanish. I am going to suggest they read Spanish newspapers.
    Thanks for sharing =-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is a great idea to read the news in your target language. I am happy to hear you found this post useful. You are welcome. Have a great day!

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