La Mappa Misteriosa

Monica Morini

BBCThere is nothing more fun than to learn Italian with youtube. In this post we’ll highly recommend you an online course that: has awesome content, is very interesting and is FREE! It’s an interactive learning video drama adventure. It’s designed to be completed in 3 months, with 12 episodes. And it’s for beginners.

This free online Italian course has been created by the BBC. If you’re based in the UK, you can start practicing with it by clicking here. If you’re outside the UK (in any other place in the World), you can also watch just the videos on youtube by clicking here.

La Mappa Misteriosa

This Italian course has a very exciting story.

In the course, you plunge into a story of a secret map. The title of it is “La Mappa Misteriossa.”  All along the story, you are asked to interact in the plot. You are following the trace of a map drawn more than 40 years ago, and that puts you in very interesting scenarios. And during the entire journey, you’re learning Italian in a very fun way! It never has a dull moment. You are constantly moving from place to place, meeting new interesting people all the way!

What is La Mappa Misteriosa about?

In the story, you are at the library. And looking through some books, you have found something that looks like a map. It says it’s the route to the lost recipe of ‘La Torta di Serretto.’ That map shows Bologna in the center, the heart of Italy. Bologna is known for its cooking. It’s commonly said that the best cooking in the World takes place in Bologna. And of all the chefs that ever worked there, Giovanni Serretto was the most famous. He was the very best.

Italian food became a worldwide phenomenon in the nineteen-sixties. And Chef Giovanni Serretto was at the heart of it. His recipes were world renown. Above all, his signature dish, a magnificent cake called ‘La Torta di Serretto.’ But he never revealed that recipe. It’s said he made a map. It was a game for his little daughter. They would journey across Emilia-Romagna and go about his favorite places. The cake recipe would be found at the end.

But, Giovanni Serretto died in a car crash when he was just 26 years old. His daughter was still, just a baby. And the map was lost forever, along with his recipe. But, if you have found the map to that recipe, it must be worth thousands to the right person. In the story, you go to Bologna and follow the treasure trail.

A must do!

This is a ‘must do’ course! So, don’t waste any more time and plunge into the story! You will surely enjoy this very interesting journey! All the story is full of Italian flavor! What are you waiting to follow La Mappa Misteriossa and find Giovanni Serretto’s recipe?

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  1. Hi Henry
    I love Italy, Italian and Italian food, so I enjoyed reading your post! I lived in Rome many years ago and I wish I had this programme back then when I was trying to learn the language. I’m struggling with the Danish language right now, but when I have the opportunity, I definitely want to enroll in this programme and try to re-learn Italian again!

    1. So glad to hear about your love for Italy, Italian and Italian food! And with La Mappa Misteriosa, you will surely re-learn Italian in no time! Thank you for stopping by! 😀

  2. That sounds SO fun, kinda like a mix between Clue and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, but for learning a language. I like it. Thanks for the great recommendation; if I ever need to learn Italian, I’m starting here!

    1. Yes, exactly! You will have a great time with La Mappa Misteriosa! And you will surely learn a lot of Italian! It is the best place to start!

  3. Is La Mappa Misteriosa still available? When I visit the site I get a “This content doesn’t seem to be working.” I know that the BBC has sadly allowed a lot of its language resources to go to seed.

    1. Yes, you are right! The course is presently not available on the BBC site. I will be updating this post as soon as I have official news from the BBC. But I still encourage you to check this fantastic short story to learn Italian on youtube. You can click here to take a look! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi, Chris! Yes, it really is a shame! But it is great to hear that the videos are still available. Thank you very much for sharing the link.

  4. Hi Henry

    I was reading on your website today and I happened to find this post, and although I haven’t checked out the link to La Mappa Misteriosa, I just wanted to comment that it is such a great idea! Learning a new language while having fun or playing a game, is an easy and uhm… fun way 😉 of learning. I can also imagine that it would help one to stick with the course when the going gets tuff, and I believe retention of what is learned would also better that way.

    You seem to find such interesting things to share – thank you!

    Wishing you a lovely day, Henry

    1. Hello dear Sharlee!

      Thank you very much. I feel honored you found this suggestion to this course interesting. I really enjoyed going through it. And I wanted to share because, as you have said, during the process of learning a language, things might get tuff. And it’s so nice to have interesting stuff that helps us with our progress. There is nothing worse than learning a language in a dull class. But with all the resources available now, monotonous classes are something of the past! 🙂

      Thank you very much for stopping by!

  5. Oh my goodness! This sounds so much better than when my nono (grandpa) was trying to teach me how to roll my R’s. LOL LOL.

    Aww, what memories… He used to get so upset as I could never pronounce our last name correctly in Italian (Cavarzan by the way). Now I am wishing for a big plate of homemade ravioli.

    I must go back to YouTube and watch La Mappa Misteriosa. I’m sure it’ll be a very pleasant experience remembering Italian meals and manners I saw in nono. Thank you!

    1. Ciao Cathy! Yes, I agree you’ll have a very pleasant time remembering your nono while going through La Mappa Misteriosa. It indeed is full of Italian flavour. And you’ll recall all those special dishes. Homemade ravioli are one of my favorites too! Yummy! 🙂

  6. What a fun and novel way to learn a new language! I have tried a number of products over the years and had great success with some, but most have not been that good for me. Some people have an affinity for learning new languages, and while I do have fewer problems than some, it is not a gimme.

    I am outside of the UK, so will tap into the video option you mention and give this a try. I speak some Italian now, but most definitely this will be a good refresher and a lot of fun too. I have spent a lot of time in Italy over the years, it is my second favorite country in the EU (Germany is number one).

    Thanks for the tip and the links, I do appreciate your effort to help us all out in learning a new language. Italian is also a fun one to speak, you also have to learn the gestures and inflection of voice to make it work right! 

    1. Hi Dave! Yes, this is really a fun way to learn a language. And as you have stated, Italian has that special touch that distinguishes it from the other languages in that even gestures and inflection of voice make a huge difference.

      If you like Italy and also know a bit of Italian already, you’ll definitely enjoy La Mappa Misteriosa. It will serve a double purpose: it’ll be a good refresher and it’ll make you want to visit Italy again!

      Thank you very much for stopping by and for your comment.

  7. I really like your website, the way it’s laid out and the content on it. I feel that you give enough information for someone to learn Italian. My husband’s family was from Italy and I was always intrigued by the language.

    Besides La Mappa Misteriosa that is a free course, I see you also recommend paid ones such as Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur and Michel Thomas Method. I hardly have any time to take a course but which one of these three would be best for me if I’m a good listener. I can listen all day while I’m at work or driving my car. Thanks.

    1. Hi! If you’re a good listener then I’d suggest you to click here to read a useful post. There are some productive things you could do during the day that will cost you nothing and may help you improve your language skills.

      From those 3 courses you mentioned, Pimsleur is an all audio program, so it may suit you. 🙂

  8. What an incredible way to learn Italian. I checked out the video. I can see how it will be more fun and more natural. Applying what I learn to a visual is so much better for me as a visual learner. 

    I wonder if they have this type of video for other languages as well?

    I am so happy I stumbled across your post. I had no idea this type of learning existed. 

    Thank you for taking the time to post and write in a way that is so easy to read.

    1. Hi Laura. Yes, the BBC has other languages with similar video courses. One of them is Spanish. I also did all that course and it’s fun too. It’s about you arriving at Spain and something goes wrong at the very beginning and you’re left with relatives of the friend you were going to visit and they don’t know a word in English, so there starts the excitement!

  9. Hello Henry,  

    Thanks for your post – it grabbed my interest.  

    I comprehend the challenges that come with learning a language other than your own. I have been learning Japanese for many years now, and am still learning new things about it every day.  

    The key to learning any language is to be finding ways to stay motivated. And to keep motivation high maybe it is something as simple as being able to communicate with somebody that you care about, or having the necessity of using the language in your occupation. If you can have fun while learning a new language, it seems to me, that you will continue striving to get better.  

    Your post shows how one can start learning Italian, have fun while doing so, and also dive into the ocean of Italian storied history of exquisite cuisine – which is some of the best in the world (right up there with Japanese cuisine in my opinion).   

    All the best to you. 

    1. Hi! 

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience learning languages. Yes, finding things that keep us motivated to continue learning is key.

      I agree with you, Japanese and Italian cuisine are both exquisite!

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