La Mappa Misteriosa

Monica Morini

BBCThere is nothing more fun than to learn Italian with youtube. In this post we’ll highly recommend you an online course that: has awesome content, is very interesting and is FREE! It’s an interactive learning video drama adventure. It’s designed to be completed in 3 months, with 12 episodes. And it’s for beginners.

This free online Italian course has been created by the BBC. And to start practicing with it, just click here. You can also watch just the videos in youtube.

La Mappa Misteriosa

This Italian course has a very exciting story.

In the course, you plunge into a story of a secret map. The title of it is “La Mappa Misteriossa.”  All along the story, you are asked to interact in the plot. You are following the trace of a map drawn more than 40 years ago, and that puts you in very interesting scenarios. And during the entire journey, you’re learning Italian in a very fun way! It never has a dull moment. You are constantly moving from place to place, meeting new interesting people all the way!

What is La Mappa Misteriosa about?

In the story, you are at the library. And looking through some books, you have found something that looks like a map. It says it’s the route to the lost recipe of ‘La Torta di Serretto.’ That map shows Bologna in the center, the heart of Italy. Bologna is known for its cooking. It’s commonly said that the best cooking in the World takes place in Bologna. And of all the chefs that ever worked there, Giovanni Serretto was the most famous. He was the very best.

Italian food became a worldwide phenomenon in the nineteen-sixties. And Chef Giovanni Serretto was at the heart of it. His recipes were world renown. Above all, his signature dish, a magnificent cake called ‘La Torta di Serretto.’ But he never revealed that recipe. It’s said he made a map. It was a game for his little daughter. They would journey across Emilia-Romagna and go about his favorite places. The cake recipe would be found at the end.

But, Giovanni Serretto died in a car crash when he was just 26 years old. His daughter was still, just a baby. And the map was lost forever, along with his recipe. But, if you have found the map to that recipe, it must be worth thousands to the right person. In the story, you go to Bologna and follow the treasure trail.

A must do it!

This is a ‘must do’ course! So, don’t waste any more time and plunge into the story! You will surely enjoy this very interesting journey! All the story is full of Italian flavor! To start La Mappa Misteriossa, click here.

8 thoughts on “La Mappa Misteriosa”

  1. Hi Henry
    I love Italy, Italian and Italian food, so I enjoyed reading your post! I lived in Rome many years ago and I wish I had this programme back then when I was trying to learn the language. I’m struggling with the Danish language right now, but when I have the opportunity, I definitely want to enroll in this programme and try to re-learn Italian again!

    1. So glad to hear about your love for Italy, Italian and Italian food! And with La Mappa Misteriosa, you will surely re-learn Italian in no time! Thank you for stopping by! 😀

  2. That sounds SO fun, kinda like a mix between Clue and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, but for learning a language. I like it. Thanks for the great recommendation; if I ever need to learn Italian, I’m starting here!

    1. Yes, exactly! You will have a great time with La Mappa Misteriosa! And you will surely learn a lot of Italian! It is the best place to start!

  3. Is La Mappa Misteriosa still available? When I visit the site I get a “This content doesn’t seem to be working.” I know that the BBC has sadly allowed a lot of its language resources to go to seed.

    1. Yes, you are right! The course is presently not available on the BBC site. I will be updating this post as soon as I have official news from the BBC. But I still encourage you to check this fantastic short story to learn Italian on youtube. You can click here to take a look! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi, Chris! Yes, it really is a shame! But it is great to hear that the videos are still available. Thank you very much for sharing the link.

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