Lost Duolingo Streak – Have you really lost it?

Building a Duolingo streak takes time. And there are occasions when all of a sudden we find ourselves so busy, that we skip a day or two from completing our Duolingo daily goals.

Have you experienced logging into Duolingo and seeing that streak number has dropped back to zero?

But your streak may not be lost. There is the possibility you may have it back. And the good news is that you could have it back without it costing you a dime.


If you have just lost your streak today, then continue reading.

Duolingo Plus member:

Did you know that every Duolingo Plus member has one streak saver a month? And this streak saver comes as an additional day besides the Streak Freeze you buy at the Duolingo Shop.

And it even works for those that were not Plus members when they lost the streak but became Plus members the day they lost it.

Two examples in which you can have your streak back.

To explain how you can recover your streak we have decided to use these two examples. Hopefully you’re in one of them.

Here is the first example:

Let’s imagine you have had a very busy agenda lately. You have been daily completing your Duolingo goal, but one day you were not able to even log in.

A day later, you log in and your streak number is gone to zero. You hadn’t purchased a Streak Freeze from the Duolingo Shop. And please don’t go and purchase it now because it won’t bring your streak back. It will only help you keep your future streaks.

Streak Freeze should be bought before you lose your streak but after you have lost it, purchasing one won’t bring it back.


So you may be a bit disappointed. There have been Duolingo users that have gone excited to the Duolingo Shop to buy the Freeze Streak, only to discover their streak continues in zero.

But don’t worry, there is still a way to bring your streak back. Yeah!

You can become a Duolingo Plus member and your streak will be back. It’s important to mentioned you must become a Duolingo Plus member the day you lost the streak. If you wait for more days after you lost the streak, you’ll receive all the other benefits of becoming a Duolingo Plus member, but your streak won’t be back.

Here is our second example:

You’re a very organized person and had seen beforehand these days coming and you had purchased at Duolingo Shop a “Streak Freeze”.

So one day you could not log into Duolingo and you missed that day! But you’re relaxed, you had bought ahead of time a Duolingo Freeze and it preserved your streak.

But then you weren’t able again to log into Duolingo the second day. And finally you rush into your Duolingo account the third day and you’re welcomed by a zero in your streak.

Don’t worry! If you become a Duolingo Plus member that third day (again, it has to be the same day you lost the streak), then your streak is restored to you!

You may be saying at this point “But you promised that restoring my streak wouldn’t cost me a dime and Duolingo Plus is the paid version of Duolingo, so it will cost me some money after all!” And the answer is: you can still recover your streak completely free.

There are two ways you can become a Duolingo Plus member for free:

1.) The most obvious way of becoming a Duolingo Plus member is being willing to pay the fee. But if you have never been a Duolingo Plus member before, you can test drive it for free. It’s a no-brainer. You have nothing to lose and a streak to regain. 


2.) When you invite a friend to join Duolingo giving them your “affiliate link” and they join, then Duolingo grants you the Plus membership for one (1) week.

You enjoy all the benefits of being a Plus members and among them, saving your streak! And it doesn’t cost you a dime!

How do you find your Duolingo affiliate link?

You must click on your profile icon and a window will be displayed. In that window search for “Free Plus” and click it. A new window will appear with your “affiliate link”.


The day you need to restore your streak, contact a friend and tell them you have a cool language platform they can join completely free. And send them your “affiliate link”. Easy, isn’t it?


Tell us what you felt about this post. Has it helped you restore your streak? Please tell us in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Lost Duolingo Streak – Have you really lost it?”

  1. Hi! I’m depicted in the second example. I’m always careful of going to the Duolingo Shop and purchasing ahead of time my “Streak Freeze”. But I could not log in during the weekend and my streak had gone back to zero.

    I’m glad I found your post. And did as you suggested. I must admit I was a bit skeptical. But then, voila… My streak’s back! In gratitude I thought I would come back and tell you! Thanks, it worked for me too!

    1. Hi! I’m glad you were able to have your streak back. I wish you the best as you continue learning with Duolingo.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing this works. 

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