The power of repetition: Learn italian in the car

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As you all know, a powerful tool to learn something is repeating it over and over again. A lot a people have benefited from this simple strategy, and you can surely be one of them. Learning a language by repetition will take you from a beginner to an advance level, as the language solidifies in your head. But you have to commit to this technique. You can learn Italian in your car, when you are waiting in line, while you are taking a long trip, and so on.


Learning without effort

In my personal experience, I remember as a child hearing to a political campaign daily. Boy SmilingI was not interested in the content of the campaign. But at the end of the first month, I realized astonished, that I had memorized all the dialogues and the songs in the campaign. I also remember, in high school, we were given in class a fragment of a literary novel. Each day we analyzed part of the fragment. But we went on with this task for about three months. The teacher never encouraged us to memorize the quite lengthy fragment. But as we studied it so long, at the end, all of us in the classroom had memorized the fragment. And I was really not interested in memorizing it, but I learned it of by heart in a very natural way. The students in that classroom were very different one from another. But still all of them memorized the text. It did not depend on them; it depended on the amount of exposure that they received to the text.

You can start building with this technique if you have a basic Italian level

So I know that if you really want to memorize or learn something, and you commit to doing it, you will naturally master it. To start building over the basis of repetition, you at least need to have a basic Italian level. You can not start doing the associations you do in repetition if you do not have a basic vocabulary and understanding of the words. And of course, you need time. Repeating again and again. So it has to be something interesting to you. To make this technique effective, please select something that you would enjoy to hear and learn.

I am personally very grateful that I discovered this technique

I have personally benefited a lot from this technique. I, my self have been surprised, while learning Italian of the progress made. And people in Italy were surprised also! “How have you learned with no people around you speaking Italian?” “How have you learned so fast?” “We understand every word you say!”, were some of the comments that I received. They were surprised and I was surprised also! 😀

The importance of listening repeatedly

To start using this technique, I have seen people recommending to watch and memorize lines of your favorite movie. I would particularly recommend you to hear and learn of by heart passages of the Girl_watching_listeningBible. But the selection of what you want to learn is totally up to you. Try to use all the free time you have to hear what you have selected. And put your ear actively to work. Your ear is very important when you are learning a new language. Even when you are learning your first language, your ear has a crucial role. It is said that girls speak similar to their mothers and boys speak similar to their fathers because they are the people that they hear the most. The little boy or girl reproduces the sounds that he or she is hearing.

Final considerations

There are some basic considerations when you are memorizing something to advance in the learning of the language. It does not matter if what you are trying to learn is in audio or video; in both cases please try to put it all down in writing. And the next and very important step is to understand every word that is in the fragment you are trying to learn. If there are some words that you initially do not understand, try to discover their meaning by context. If you can not discover their meaning by context, look these words up in the dictionary. This is an important way in which you can increase your vocabulary. By following this technique you will also get exposed to the grammatical rules that are taking place in the lines you are studying. And the most important rule in all this is to stick to the repetition process! The importance of repetition is repetition it’s self. If you have any question or comment, please leave it in the box bellow.

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  1. Great tips on repetition of studies! I agree that this method can relate to anything you want to learn. I am currently studying a technology platform for a job interview and am using the technique you recommended. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Josh! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this post. This method is very effective. We both have our personal experiences using it! Wish you all the best in your job interview. And thanks for stopping by!

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